“Gotta lotta people tryna drain me of my ENERGY” -Drake



Think slicked back hair, latex paint, bondage latex tape (don’t be alarmed, we got permission from the models) and androgynous clothing and then you will arrive at our creative direction for our Oil Energy Shoot. For this shoot on Tuesday, we decided to have both a male and a female model to create diversity for our fashion film and to show different sides of our story because what’s the point in limiting ourselves, I mean guys need to wear clothes as well (or in regards to this shoot not that much clothing).

Edgar and Chloe

Garments: John Lewis, New Look

Chloe from Premier Production Models and Edgar (self made model) worked brilliantly for this shoot. We would like to thank them both for being able to participate. Each shoot we are doing helps us become more experienced in using the filming equipment and building up the suspense of how our Energy Fashion Film #chooseyourenergy will turn out. MUA Brooklyn Adebowale worked her magic and transformed our lovely models into what looked like a casting for Mad Max, Fury Road characters to fit in with our inspiration boards. Brooklyn not only created the looks for the make up but agreed to be the model for our Gas Energy shoot which was shot today.

Gas shoot Brooklyn

Gas Energy Shoot


Eat your heart out Beyoncé – Brooklyn slayed on this shoot and looked fabulous whilst doing so. It was all about the location as well as the model today because we needed an open space with lots of air so we, to put it bluntly didn’t choke anyone  (I’m not sure if our insurance covers that) with the gas bombs that were set off. Movement and confidence is a huge part of this Fashion film so it has helped that all of the models are comfortable in front of  a lens.

gas shoot filming

Outdoor shoots can always be tricky as the weather can change faster than a students mind deciding between Thai food or pizza. Today the rain held off and although it was cold everyone powered through like complete bosses. We can’t wait for our next shoots to come together. As always we will keep you updated through our social media accounts, to give us a follow click the links:

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Banner 2

Stage Three Fashion Students

This is indeed a Student Takeover and yes we have been given the keys to the castle (this is not a hack, I promise). We are Stage Three Fashion Management Students and we’re hoping to put on the best Digital Fashion Show of 2016.

After having brilliant experiences in numerous companies for our placements, 15 of us are now back at RGU and are focused and excited about this modern take of a fashion show. The theme is Northern Culture but don’t be fooled folks, we have fresh, unique ideas to bring our film to life. What comes to mind when you think of Aberdeen? Oil? Well you would be right, there are numerous directions we could take this fashion film, however we decided a fight of the energy forces would be the way to go which led us to create the #chooseyourenergy hashtag for social media purposes. This is a fantastic way to interact and keeps everyone up to date with our progress.

We have incredible models ready to go for our oil, gas, wind, water and solar shoots and are in the process of sourcing garments from brilliant retailers such as New Look and John Lewis and from young talented Scottish designers (some who have graduated from RGU) to keep it modern, fresh and fabulous. Below, you will see that there were a few fashion students let loose around the John Lewis store earlier this week in preparation for fast approaching photo shoot days.

John Lewis Visit

Our stylist team at John Lewis

The first shoot will take place this Friday, with sneak peaks being posted on The Fashion Place’s Instagram, Twitter and on this very blog. To keep up to date with our progress just follow:





We hope you’re as excited as we are!