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We love to keep up with our graduates when they leave RGU and follow them on their post university journeys. This week we had the opportunity to interview Scottish fashion blogger and Fashion Management graduate, Caroline, from The Weekend Blog, to delve a little deeper into the Glaswegian style scene.


The Fashion Place: Firstly, what was the best piece of fashion advice you were given and how has it impacted your style choices over the years?

Caroline: While I was working as a sales assistant in Topman, when I was 17, a co-worker told me to stop playing it so safe with what I wore. He said I should be more adventurous (I should add – he is very fashionable for a guy). I always think of that conversation now when I’m stuck for an outfit – don’t play it safe.

The Fashion Place: Great advice, especially for some of our younger students who are learning more about their own personal style choices throughout the course. Investing in particular pieces is important when forming your own style; what items do you invest more in and why?

Caroline: Shoes and coats.

Shoes because I’ve had to learn the hard way that the less you spend the more blisters you gain.

Coats because they are one part of your wardrobe that can actually last you years whilst still looking like you bought it that season. Also because I have a coat addiction – it’s a problem.

The Fashion Place: At least having a coat addiction in Scotland is practical given we don’t have the warmest of weather. Now, in today’s modern society we’re all rushing about from one place to another and have to be prepared for any occasion. How would you glam up an every day look to take you from work to meeting up with friends in the evening?

Caroline: I love a mule. They are probably my favourite shoe out there. If you’re wearing a really casual outfit for example a basic Breton stripe tee with a boyfriend jean simply add a mule and instantly your outfit looks fit for dinner, cocktails, a girls shopping day out, you name it! There’s something about a mule that instantly adds glam.


The Fashion Place: Ok, now I want you to imagine that you’ve had everything taken out of your wardrobe. What will you miss the most and why?

Caroline: My All Saints leather jacket. It was part of my 21st birthday present and 4 years on it is still great with every single outfit. I would be lost without it and definitely couldn’t afford another one!

The Fashion Place: We can tell you have a real love of coats! As a fashion blogger where do you look for your fashion inspiration?

Caroline: I’m a huge fan of Instagram. There are a few Instagram accounts of fashion bloggers that I always go to when I’m stuck for inspiration. They all have very different styles so I can then take inspiration from them all to create my own style.

Right now my favourites are:




The Fashion Place: Alongside blogging you are a visual merchandiser for Topshop. What is it like working as a VM in Glasgow?

Caroline: I love it, for the most part of my job I’m styling outfits for the different trends and then merchandising them together in the store. It’s a very physical job though, we are constantly lifting heavy items and working up ladders to create high level displays, I really don’t know how I get away with some of the outfits I wear at work…

The Fashion Place: As a VM you’ll have an idea of all the upcoming trends before we do. What summer trends are you most looking forward to trying out this season?

Caroline: The city basket bag is a must try! Basket bags are obviously ideal for when on holiday but the new must have that I will definitely be trying this season!

Deconstructed shirts are still going to be huge through summer and I am yet to try this, none on the high street have caught my eye yet so I’m planning a little DIY with a charity shop purchase.


The Fashion Place: For those thinking of visiting Glasgow this summer what are your recommendations of top places to socialise in the city?

Caroline: I definitely tend to stay in the West End, my favourite bar to go to is The Stravaigin, and it’s so close to my flat, which is an added bonus. Recently, I’ve been introduced to a few places in Glasgow’s up and coming end of town, Finneston, such as The Kelvingrove Café, which I think is going to become a new favourite.

However, I would pick a cosy cup of tea over an alcoholic drink in a heart beat so my favourite café of the moment is the Kelvin Pocket, it’s next to the Kelvinbridge Subway entrance. Best cake I’ve had so far in Glasgow!

The Fashion Place: We’ll have to check those out on our next visit! Now, it wouldn’t be a blogger interview if we didn’t ask you what your favourite thing about being a blogger was?

Caroline: Having an excuse to buy more clothes!

The Fashion Place: Great answer! Finally, what should we look out for on the blog over the next few months?

Caroline: I’ve been working on a new logo design for a while now so hopefully by the end of the summer I will have that finished and I’ll be able to give my blog a whole new look.


Thank you to Caroline for spending a little time with us and letting us learn a bit more about her style and The Weekend Blog. Keep up with all her updates here:

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