Fashion Undefined – The Culture Shoots

The time is almost here for our digital fashion film launch! One week to go tomorrow!

For the past week, our class has been editing all of the footage that we have filmed and turning it into the video we are excited to share with you all next week on Friday. You’ll be able to view the film at

For this post, we would like to give you a little look at the last of the Culture team’s shoots.

Culture Shoot Scarves (4)

Model: Alsébà

About the Model: The African clothing and accessories used during the shoot were the models own.

Culture Shoot Scarves (1)

What went well during the shoot?

The fabrics used gave good movement, especially the scarves given to us to use from Helen Ruth (click here to view her beautiful range). The make-up also fitted in very well with the colour scheme and stood out.

Culture Shoot Scarves (3)

Were there any challenges?

The shoot was originally supposed to be held at an earlier date but had to be cancelled.

Culture Shoot Scarves (2)

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing all of our photo shoots and can’t believe how fast the time has flown. The countdown to next Friday is ON!

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