Fashion Undefined – The Business Shoots

We’re just over three weeks away from the “Fashion Undefined” launch! After last week’s post giving a behind the scenes exclusive of the the creative shoots (click here if you missed it), we thought we’d give you a glimpse of the business team’s first shoots…

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.1.jpg

Models: Abbi, Clio, Evelyne and Indre

About the Models: All of the four models work for Premier Productions

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.2.jpg

What went well during the shoot?

The models very were professional and got straight into character. The clothes also fitted the models really well and there was good lighting in the health building, which the business team were very thankful for as they were depending on the natural light.

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.3.jpg

Were there any challenges?

The team were shooting during a week day, so people coming up and down the stairs in the Faculty of Health and Social Care building meant that filming was sometimes difficult during busy periods.

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.4.jpg

A big thank you to Premier Productions and their fabulous models for their support during the film.

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.5.jpg

Remember to keep an eye out on The Fashion Place’s Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for more on this year’s digital fashion film.

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