Fashion Undefined – The First Shoots

Video shooting is now underway!

Last week on Wednesday and Thursday, the creative team came together to complete their first two photo-shoots. In today’s post, we thought we’d give you a look behind the scenes at what happened during these shoots.

Shoot 1

Model: Emma

About the Model:

Emma is a fourth year art student at Gray’s and she was featured in a shoot for the fashion magazine last year.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 1.1

What went well during the shoot?

The props and visual arrangement of them came out well and they looked really pretty on camera. Styling also went brilliantly and Emma looked amazing in the lace bodysuit and robe (once the nipple covers were sorted!) Shooting with cameras and the rig also went well.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 1.2.jpg

Were there any challenges?

When the equipment was picked up, the team realised they were the wrong cameras and that the batteries were flat. Also the electricity in all sockets was not working so an electrician had to come and sort it out!

Fashion Undefined Shoot 1.3

Shoot 2

Model: Charlotte

About the Model:

This was Charlotte’s first time modelling and she felt a bit out of place to start off with but got more and more used to it as they day went on. A member of the creative team, find out Charlotte’s fashion views in our previous Fashion for Five post here. She also has a blog, Studio CK, where she talk about fitness and lifestyle.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 2.1

What went well during the shoot?

The stencils, made by Stacey and Sophie, were really effective in creating patterns on the model.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 2.2

Were there any challenges?

Finding the most appropriate lighting to get the wanted effects. A huge professional lamp was used to begin with but an iPhone torch ended up being used instead as it created the best effects with the stencils.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 2.3

We hope our blog posts are getting you all excited about the final video. Just one more month to go!

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