Third Year Digital Fashion Show!

Fashion Is…

Undefined Logo

The planning for this year’s digital fashion show has officially begun!

For the past two weeks, the third year Fashion Management students have been learning all about filming, editing and what it takes to organise and undertake a fashion video shoot. All of what we learned will be put into practice over the next four weeks as we film the different scenes for our video, edit our footage, and in the end turn it into an exciting video that we will showcase on May 5th at our launch event.

Fashion Undefined Camera BasicsOur lecturer Jen discussing camera basics with us

The theme that we have been given for this year is “Fashion is Creative. Fashion is Cultural. Fashion is Business.” We have been given the freedom to interpret this theme in any way we want for our video. As a group, we’ve collected all of our different ideas together and believe we’ve come up with an innovative and creative concept, focusing on “creative”, “cultural” and “business” fashion.

Fashion Undefined Filming Practice.jpgGetting to grips with the filming equipment

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on what we’re getting up to on all of the RGU Fashion Place social media accounts. Our first two photo shoots took place yesterday and we’re looking forward to sharing a few behind the scenes pictures with you soon…

Facebook –

Twitter – @fashionplacergu

Pinterest – /fashionplace

Instagram – @fashionplace_rgu

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