How to survive your final year of University.

Let’s be honest… fourth year is tough.


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There is no denying that your final year will be a challenge – it’s the most important and therefore the most daunting. But try not to stress too much – like all the other years, it can be exciting, packed with enjoyable modules and classes, and it gives you the chance to undertake your own research dissertation on a topic that excites you. But fourth year can also be bittersweet as you near the end, surrounded by all your classmates and lecturers for the last time.

No doubt you will look back on your time at RGU with great memories and it’s incredibly important that you enjoy these final months before heading off on your different paths. The term is already half way through, so we thought we’d ask past students and lecturers to share their best advice on surviving fourth year, which will hopefully help you get over the last hurdle.

  • Firstly, remember that you’re not alone.

You’re never alone with university worries. Your fellow students will have the same issues, questions and worries, and they can sometimes be the best people to turn to for support.

The last term of university can be quite magical – you might find yourself talking to people in your class that you’d never even spoken to before. Once you realise that you’re all under this huge umbrella of pressure, friendship groups and cliques can fade… there is strength in numbers and there’s nothing better than toughing out library all-nighters in groups!


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  • Say hello to nights in…

You’ve had the whole of first, second and third year to party. Now, it’s time for you and your flatmates to embrace the night in. Order your favourite takeaway, watch Netflix and just relaxxx. You need to give yourself time to think about things other than exams, assignments and of course, the dissi. Having a quiet night in means that you wake up next day fresh-faced and relaxed, rather than hungover and tired after a night out and unable to look at a computer screen for longer than five minutes… sound familiar? However, we’re not saying to go cold turkey! It’s also good to let your hair down … once in a while!


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Best Party Dresses for Christmas 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… that’s right, it’s the Christmas party season! December brings a festive, fabulous time when we can look our most glamorous and get dressed up to the nines for any occasion – although, to be honest, we fashion students don’t normally need an excuse to dress up, right?

One fun aspect about studying Fashion Management is being able to research trends and styles for each season, and Christmas especially brings a wealth of outfit ideas. From the classic LBD to the shiny sequinned numbers, here are a few that we’ve singled out as being fabulously on trend.

Dress One & Dress Two

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Dress Three & Dress Four


Dress Five & Dress Six

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