Thinking about your next step? Reasons to study a post graduate degree at RGU.

Here at RGU, we offer a wide selection of postgraduate courses, ranging from digital marketing, journalism, project management and, of course, the innovative MSc in Fashion Management. There are many great reasons to study for a Masters at RGU:

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For those who particularly love their time at university and want to embark on further academic study, then applying for a MSc course could be just the thing you’re looking for. However, there can be many things to consider when thinking about post-grad study and whether this is necessarily the right route for you. It is an important commitment that requires discipline and dedication but the rewards can lead to:

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  • Increase your skills and knowledge in a subject

 As well as advancing your career, a Master’s degree can help you to further your skills and knowledge in your chosen field. If you are passionate about a particular career route or want to become an expert in industry, a post-graduate degree can help you gain the in-depth knowledge that will be needed.

  • Advance your career and professional development

If you would like to change your career path, or dive into a different industry, a Master’s degree can be an ideal way to learn about a different sector. Obtaining a post-grad qualification can also make your CV look more attractive to employers and help you stand out from the competition. A post-grad degree may also put you in touch with industry contacts and allow you to gain valuable work experience whilst studying, thus increasing your chances of getting a job.

  • Develop new/ existing transferable skills

Post-grad courses can help to enhance and promote important skills which you may not have developed in your undergraduate degree, but which can be of great relevance when seeking employment, for example: public speaking; research and development; presentation skills and report writing.

  • For the personal/ intellectual challenge

Many people thoroughly enjoy their time at university and are keen to continue undertaking academic research and study. A Master’s degree is an interesting way to challenge yourself both on a personal and intellectual level and tends to allow for more responsibility and independence. It also gives the opportunity to stretch your mind and explore research ideas and approaches, whilst also working with other, likeminded students and lecturers.


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Are you interested in learning more about post-graduate study? Fancy the challenge of a MSc degree? Click here for more information on the MSc courses available at RGU.

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Author: Helen Dargie

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