Under the sea, under the sea – Sebastian, The Little Mermaid


Model: Ana Garment: Erika Doy

Yes – it is a mermaid you see before you! Well that’s what I’m telling people, it may not be Ariel but I think Ana from Premier Productions Models could show her a thing or two. She not only helped us achieve exactly what we wanted but with the movements produced, the garment came to life and looked magnificent through the lens. Our water shoot created a splash to say the least (I do love a good pun). It’s amazing what can be created in a green room with all the right equipment and with a little bit of learning and experimentation (thanks to our tutors for not killing us when we didn’t know how to work the cameras).

water 2

Model: Ana Garment: Erika Doy

Although not all of this shoot was filmed in the green room. No, no, no. Well we decided why not just go in a pool? Great idea (which was risk assessed and all necessary measure were taken) and I would usually put a BTS images on this very blog but I would rather keep you all guessing how it looked and turned out. Some things can be left to the imagination until the day of the launch, I mean – we all love a good surprise. This water shoot was sadly the last for our #chooseyourenergy Fashion Film  and we could not have done it without all the fabulous garments and incredible models from Premier Productions. Now it’s time to become experts in Final cut pro and get this film put together.

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