“In order to be irreplaceable one must be different.” – Coco Chanel


Photo Credit: Becoming Art, Mike Lifsey, thethreefashionlovers and playbuzz

Who doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd and be irreplaceable? Well, that’s what we are aiming for with our Energy Fashion Film. We are combining art and fashion and we intend to bring it to life with this Digital Film to capture the attention of audiences and to leave them with a memorable experience.

We love how these images display different looks on various oil shoots and how the consistency changes with each shoot. It ranges from being thick like paint to a more watered down substance. As this is our second shoot we decided to have a female and a male model to allow us endless variety for the creative direction we want to take our Fashion Film in.

As promised in our previous post, we decided to set off a coloured gas bomb. Not only did the colour turn out more brilliant and vibrant than expected but they were so easy to use. To anyone at RGU who was alarmed, don’t worry it wasn’t anyone signalling for help it was just us Fashion Management students being let loose again.

gas bombs

A small clip of the above bomb has been put on Instagram to show a tester of what we will have in store for Thursday. This Energy Fashion Film will definitely be one to remember!

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