They blew us away! (excuse the pun)

joli and indre

Sneak Peak

Joli on location at Balmedie Beach and Indre in the Green Room

Garment Credit: New Look and Jay Spooner

The weather certainly kept true to the gale force winds forecast but what a fantastic day it was. We completed our first Energy Shoot which depicted Wind as the incredible force that it is. We want to thank both models Indre and Joli from Premiere Productions UK for their amazing work, Hair by Harri for creating sleek, flowing, luscious locks, Jay Spooner for the magical parachute dress, New Look for the location shoot on trend garments and our very own Fashion Management student, Gemma for doing make-up MUA’s would be jealous of.

indre make up

Make-up Ready

Before you ask, I’m afraid we can only show sneak peak images at the moment. Not only did we get all the camera angles and stills we wanted but we had fun experiencing our first glance of our Energy Fashion Film coming to life. The parachute dress and the New Look leotard and maxi skirt were key, reflecting the creative direction of both shoots and emphasised the modern, edgy path we are taking. Additionally, our location Wind Energy shoot at Balmedie Beach did prove to have some difficulties, because lets face it we can’t escape these cold temperatures, we’re in Scotland after all. Other than the temperature complications, the location shoot turned out incredible as the 40 mph winds made a great job of organically whipping the garments around.

The excitement has not worn off yet, however plans are firmly set in motion for our next shoot which will exhibit Oil as an energy source. I know what you’re thinking though, this could get very messy using oil but never fear we have risk assessed the situation and are confident in our avant-garde creative direction.

**Teaser Alert**

We will be trying out a gas bomb early next week with sneak peak images on social media, so keep up to date with all our accounts as mentioned in our previous post and watch our progress throughout each shoot.

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