Fashion tourism: the city of London

Stage 3 BA (Hons) Fashion Management students are carrying out research into fashion tourism as part of an individual project. Their aim is to prepare a strategy for promoting Aberdeen as a fashion destination and this will be informed by primary research into the opinions of their target market and an analysis of the fashion capitals.

The city of London – by Jenni Kelman

The city of London has an extensive background in Fashion, being a city that leads trends to popularity. Most recently known for retaining its title as the most fashionable capital worldwide for two consecutive years, this is thought to have been influenced by the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Olympic games in 2012 (, 2012). London is extremely well known for pioneering individual style, with many ordinary people becoming trendsetters in their own right, for example the early 20th Century Lady Lucy ‘Lucile’ Duff-Gordon, a designer who became known for creating designs regarded as liberating and controversial in comparison to the clothing that was popular in the early 1900s.
In the modern day, individual style can be influenced by celebrities and popular fashion bloggers, many of which originate in London, encouraging fashion lovers to create their own look from predominantly high street brands, vintage and charity stores. It is this that gives London its name for standing out among many other style capitals.
London has a large tourism industry, attracting many people worldwide to the capital of Britain, and fashion is a key part of this. London’s annual ‘London Fashion Week’ is the most notable event which attracts fashion lovers, designers and models to the heart of the city, showcasing some of Britain’s most-loved designer collections, as well as introducing new and upcoming designers for the following year.

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