Fashion Undefined – The Business Shoots

We’re just over three weeks away from the “Fashion Undefined” launch! After last week’s post giving a behind the scenes exclusive of the the creative shoots (click here if you missed it), we thought we’d give you a glimpse of the business team’s first shoots…

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.1.jpg

Models: Abbi, Clio, Evelyne and Indre

About the Models: All of the four models work for Premier Productions

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.2.jpg

What went well during the shoot?

The models very were professional and got straight into character. The clothes also fitted the models really well and there was good lighting in the health building, which the business team were very thankful for as they were depending on the natural light.

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.3.jpg

Were there any challenges?

The team were shooting during a week day, so people coming up and down the stairs in the Faculty of Health and Social Care building meant that filming was sometimes difficult during busy periods.

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.4.jpg

A big thank you to Premier Productions and their fabulous models for their support during the film.

Fashion Undefined Business Shoot 1.5.jpg

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Charity Fashion Exhibition


We’re really excited to share the visuals from the launch of yesterday’s Fashion Exhibition: a Celebration of Creativity and Culture!


Fam Fatale (a play on Oxfam and femme fatale) represented Oxfam and the Great Gatsby in their creative showcase. We loved their champagne (ok cloudy lemonade…) tower and geometric display.


The tarot cards reading on the Beetlejuice stand was a big hit and helped raise money and awareness of the charity Shelter.


Aladdin’s Angels promoted Save the Children through their interpretation of the Disney film. Their balloon animals and flying carpet were very memorable!


Guests were invited to have Breakfast at Barnardo’s… Breakfast mainly consisted of cake but they were delicious! Their goody bags also included mini tiaras (which most of the guests and students were wearing by the end of the launch).


We were delighted to welcome some representatives from Stella’s Voice to the Annie showcase!


The one with the fashion exhibition… Coffee, Friends quotes and a very Rachel-esque garment made for a strong theme (they even had a sofa!) Supporting Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, this showcase included some healthy alternatives to cake!


The Cotton Candies didn’t disappoint with their carnival theme, representing Cancer Research and engaging the audience with music and games.



Inspired by the Capitol represented CLAN through a Hunger Games inspired showcase in an eye catching purple that tied in really well with the charity (and RGU‘s) branding!


There were some fantastic home bakes on offer from all the stands at the exhibition but the Downton Abbey showcase, supporting Sue Ryder Care, went that extra mile with their English afternoon tea atmosphere which included home made bunting, tray bakes, scones and jam.


If you were Clueless about any of the charities before the exhibition, we’re sure you won’t be now… Our final showcase promoted the PDSA!

A huge well done to all the students involved! This project really demonstrates the value of charity shops in providing inspirational and wearable fashion garments.

The exhibition will be on display in the atrium of the School of Creative and Culture Business at RGU until Wednesday the 26th of April where you can find out more about the themes, garments and charities.




A celebration of creativity and culture


Today our first year Fashion Management, Events Management and Public Relations students launched their Fashion Exhibition: a Celebration of Creativity and Culture. There were so many highlights that we don’t quite know where to begin…

We’re looking forward to sharing more photos of the full exhibition spaces soon but here’s a sneak peak at some of the charity shop garments and from today’s launch event!


The stands looked great and were all really different and exciting in their own way! From balloon animals to tarot card readings, there were lots of interesting ideas for audience engagement.


There was even some handmade bunting which will be donated to Sue Ryder Care after the exhibition!


Tomorrow our students have their exhibition debrief where we’ll discuss our successes and identify areas for improvement.


Overall, we’d like to congratulate our students on a wonderfully styled and creative event! Although we don’t yet have a final total, we’re delighted to have raised over £200 between the charities represented.

Fashion for Five – The Culture Team

With a number of successful shoots now complete, things for the fashion film are coming together. The culture team have conducted three shoots focusing on subculture with a sneak preview below.

Culture Shoot

Following last week’s post on the creative team’s thoughts on fashion (click here if you missed it), this week the culture group share their ideas…



What is your favourite fashion item?

My favourite fashion item is a pair of sunglasses I bought last summer from a Brixton market for £6. They have the phrase “cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye” around the frames. They are a bit of a statement to say the least. I often forget I am wearing them and see people walking past reading them with a look of puzzlement on their face.

Who is your top fashion designer?

I have been described by my good friend Ciara as “the least fashion aware fashion student ever.” I am terrible with the names of designers or brands. I just like the clothes rather than who they are by. If I had to choose, Alexander McQueen is an amazing designer who is always pushing the creative barriers.

What was your biggest fashion fail?

My Avril Lavigne phase, when I had a swoopy side fringe and cargo pants with far too many pockets.

What side of fashion do you identify with the most; creative, culture or business?


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me means confidence. They act as a short cut to my rather loud and mad personality. I used to exclusively hide behind baggy jumpers and flouncy scarves. However, now I am happiest and more comfortable in the likes of my canary yellow halter neck, high-waisted stripy hippy trousers or red suede cowboy boots.



What is your favourite fashion item?

My favourite fashion item has to be my Swarovski stardust bracelets. They come in lots of different colours and are suitable for day and night accessorising. Some of them even double as a choker. I currently own five!

Who is your top fashion designer?

My favourite designer for a long time was Alexander McQueen, I loved his galaxy/alien inspired collection that Lady Gaga showcased in her “Bad Romance” video.

What was your biggest fashion fail?

My biggest fashion fail had to be these trousers from the 90’s.

Alanah Trousers

What side of fashion do you identify with most; creative, culture or business?

I would say that I identity more with the cultural side of fashion; subculture to be exact. I am definitely a fan of pop culture and would say that inspiration for my looks comes from both past and present pop icons.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a way to express yourself, to make a statement and to promote confidence.



What is your favourite fashion item?

Probably jacket or sunglasses, I feel like they can make even the simplest outfit stand out!

Who is your top fashion designer?

I don’t think I have a specific designer that I follow all the time, however I really like the aesthetics of Gucci and Balmain. I love Balmain for its extremely chic designs and Gucci shoes or accessories are to die for!

What was your biggest fashion fail?

There has been quite a few, but one of the main ones I can remember would be wearing too many colours at the same time, like purple coloured jeans with a yellow hoodie, even the thought of that now still gives me the fear.

What side of fashion do you identify with most; creative, culture or business?

Definitely creative, I admire the work of fashion designers that are really creative and not scared to make something that really stands out and might not be approved by everyone. Although I am not always the one to wear that clothes, I try to convince myself to buy something more daring from time to time.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is definitely the way to express myself, it allows people to be able to show different sides they have to them. I also think fashion is a great way to boost up your mood and add confidence into people, when they might find it difficult to reflect it in another way.



What is your favourite fashion item?

Definitely my leather jacket, an investment that was so worth it and can make any outfit look edgy and cool.

Who is your top fashion designer?

Chanel or Gucci. I’m obsessed with both and couldn’t pick a favourite.

What was your biggest fashion fail?

When me and my best friend use to purposely dress the exact same. It makes me cringe so much when I see the old pictures.

What side of fashion do you identify with most; creative, culture or business?


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion allows me to show who I am and how I feel, whether I want to be laid back and casual or dressed to the nines. There are no rules.


Thanks to the culture team for sharing their fashion views. Next week we’ll be meeting the business group, who’ll be sharing their fashion thoughts.

Repeat patterns

pattern making

Our first years have been busy creating repeat patterns as part of their Fashion Construction and Technology module! We love these examples.

Fashion Undefined – The First Shoots

Video shooting is now underway!

Last week on Wednesday and Thursday, the creative team came together to complete their first two photo-shoots. In today’s post, we thought we’d give you a look behind the scenes at what happened during these shoots.

Shoot 1

Model: Emma

About the Model:

Emma is a fourth year art student at Gray’s and she was featured in a shoot for the fashion magazine last year.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 1.1

What went well during the shoot?

The props and visual arrangement of them came out well and they looked really pretty on camera. Styling also went brilliantly and Emma looked amazing in the lace bodysuit and robe (once the nipple covers were sorted!) Shooting with cameras and the rig also went well.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 1.2.jpg

Were there any challenges?

When the equipment was picked up, the team realised they were the wrong cameras and that the batteries were flat. Also the electricity in all sockets was not working so an electrician had to come and sort it out!

Fashion Undefined Shoot 1.3

Shoot 2

Model: Charlotte

About the Model:

This was Charlotte’s first time modelling and she felt a bit out of place to start off with but got more and more used to it as they day went on. A member of the creative team, find out Charlotte’s fashion views in our previous Fashion for Five post here. She also has a blog, Studio CK, where she talk about fitness and lifestyle.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 2.1

What went well during the shoot?

The stencils, made by Stacey and Sophie, were really effective in creating patterns on the model.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 2.2

Were there any challenges?

Finding the most appropriate lighting to get the wanted effects. A huge professional lamp was used to begin with but an iPhone torch ended up being used instead as it created the best effects with the stencils.

Fashion Undefined Shoot 2.3

We hope our blog posts are getting you all excited about the final video. Just one more month to go!

Are you Clueless about the PDSA?

Group 6 Clueless

We’re pleased to see that cult classic 90’s television is still enjoyed by our first year students – some of whom were only born at the end of the millennium! Next week’s fashion exhibition promises both Friends and Clueless themed showcases and if you drop by the Clueless stand and make a small donation to the PDSA you’ll be able to grab a cake and some Juicy Fruit gum.